The best in CROSSwire Displays

   CROSSwire display system was developed in the summer of 2009 it has grown into a global success. Being manufactured at our own factory in Europe, in a nearly fully automatic process, we have several advantages, such as local quality control, possible innovation with short delay, as well competitive prices. Crosswire Exhibits is the American keystone to this success. We have participated from the beginning, and now we aim to fully stock and supply the entire American continent with short notice, and full sales support.

   We are proud to announce our concept has shown to fit the American awareness and need for being competitive, innovative and versatile. No Tools needed, and Just like toys, were our first slogans, – Now it’s has evolved to; CROSSwire, the original system for exhibits…

   Trade Show Truss Displays provide different variety of products like, Portable Truss Display made out of Composite Truss / Plastic Truss and 100% GREEN materiel in X-10 CROSSwire, X-20 TRUSSwire, X-15, Banner Stand, Hanging Sign, Literature Holder and other Accessories related to Trade Show Booth and Exhibit Stands.
Our systems can both provide design, use, and competitive price in a re-usable and cost saving manner without compromising your image and need to stand out. We welcome your challenge to become our quest.


   Trade Show Truss Display